Website Design

Good website design is crucial to the success of any online presence, both in terms of efficient usability for the visitor and visual distinctiveness within the marketplace. All Solis infotech website are bespoke - designed specifically to meet the requirement of the clients brief. We do not use standard or off-the-shelf templates.

We are also well versed in following an established corporate identity, so your new website will fit perfectly with your existing corporate material and support the brand values perfectly.

Responsive Design

Current statistics tell us that more that 50% of consumer visitors use mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets to browse the internat. The number is slightly less in the business world, but growing steadily as IT departments deploy iPhone, iPads and Android kit to their workforce. We make sure all our website use ‘responsive’ design principles - where the size and layout of web pages adapt seamlessly to the different screen sizes found on mobile devices. And as a added benefit, Google will also rank higher, website which are mobile friendly.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

All our website are delivered with ‘on-page’ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) included as standard. This means that all the pages in the site are published with correctly formatted meta information and heading level usage, used by search engines to index your site. Keywords are chosen to effectively target your content and provide a positive ranking in Google and other search engines.

We will also install Google Analytics so you can monitor your visitors and collect information about how people find and use your website.

Coding Standards

Where possible we follow best practise for website coding and W3C accessibility guidelines and use the latest standards of HTML and CSS.

Take a look at our Portfolio to view some of the websites we have designed and built for our clients.

Solis Infotech Website Design